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Genesis Consulting — Founded by Karen

Seeing a significant business opportunity in the emerging IT industry, Karen established Genesis Consulting in 2010. Using her personal savings, she purchased $5,000 of inventory for her IT business and placed small ads in local IT magazines. The ad worked to some extent but it was grassroot marketing and certifications from the State of Ohio, City of Columbus, Columbus City Schools, and the Women's Business Enterprise National Council that sparked a company that would grow to more than $1 million in sales by 2014.

Karen, who is from South Asia, has worked her way through the ranks in the corporate world. After graduating from school, she went on to work for IT organizations as a switch board operator, office administrator, and an office manager before establishing Genesis Consulting.

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  • Genesis Consulting
    565 Metro Place South
    #300, Dublin, OH 43017
  • Ph: 614-553-8842

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