Our Tested and Proven Approach to Staffing

IT Staffing & Employment RecruITing Services


Genesis Consulting is your extended Human Resource team who can take care of your IT Staffing in Ohio, USA. We partner with you to offer your talented staff members, who are required for a limited period of time in your project. We understand that certain technologies are not only rare but also difficult to find a suitable talented resource. With us, your search for a perfect find stops with us. Our IT Staffing Solutions in USA will suggest you candidates, who are for your short-term projects, who are not only efficient but also stick with appropriate timelines.

Maintaining an employee is an added cost to any organization, as it involves Hr related issues and various indirect costs involved. By contracting, you still get the same work done, but at the fraction of the cost involved by hiring a fulltime employee.

Contract to Permanent Staffing

We ascertain that the talented resources are assets for any organization. The main challenge with today's competitive scenario across the globe is that the requirement of organizations often changes. When a particular skill set is only required for a limited period of time, many companies prefer a person who is willing to work for a shorter duration.

IT Temp Staffing & RecruITment Services

Our IT Temp Staffing in USA will source the right talent with ample experience, and people. This, in turn, is obviously the win-win situation for both the organizations and the employees. With the right technical resource you require, your projects would become seamless, and your organization will be able to comprehensively manage diverse requirement and stay competitively ahead of all other companies. The transistion from contractor to employee can be agreed to after 6 months to a year.

Direct Hire

Over the years, we have positioned ourselves as the most reliable IT Staffing Company in USA. We constantly work along with you to precisely identify the right talent for your requirement.

Our team of HR executives, with extensive qualifications, experience in the IT industry which spans over two decades, and diverse skill in this domain, are thoroughly proficient of sourcing the most appropriate candidate to fit your job requirement. We are also one of the few organizations, who serve clients varying from Government Organizations, State-Run institutions, Private Management, and even Public Funded Companies. We are also a part of Fortune 500 companies, where the employees from management to freshers have been hired through Genisis Consulting.